Let me start by thanking all those who responded to my first article on this all important but controversial subject last week, particularly because of how most of us presented our positions with respect for others. Of course, a couple of people still bared their carnality through insults but I am hopeful as they keep feeding on the word, meekness and gentleness will eventually be in manifestation in their conduct.
I promised to incorporate whatever I learn in this article that is noteworthy or respond to misunderstandings. The space I have is quite small and so I will advise that my dear reader reads responses on Facebook to learn from the contributions of others. However, I will express my mind about a few arguments in favour of Tithing or against it. Before then, the summary of my article last week was that the New Testament gives no instruction that we should tithe. None of the three mentions were instructional as it was under the law of Moses. However, Abraham and Jacob Tithed before the Law, causing Tithing to transcend the Law. However, all forms of ‘Giving’ in the New Testament must be done Willingly and not compulsorily as under the Old Testament.
Someone wished we stay away from the Word Tithing and I begged to differ. The Spirit of Grace is a Spirit of liberty. No one should feel restrained from giving however they wish in the New Testament. I believe the New Testament believer can exercise the same liberty Abraham and Jacob exercised to Tithe or not to Tithe. Someone suggested we should Tithe like they did under the Law if we want to, but again, we ought not to do that and do not have to do that in the Spirit of Grace.


With teary eyes a member of my first pastorate approached me after service saying...
Abraham did not Tithe crops but spoils of war in Genesis 14:18-20. That a true Tithe has to be an agricultural product is not right. Moreover, where people due to logistical challenges could not get their agricultural Tithes to the temple during festivals, they monetized it (Deutoronomy 14:25-27). I am for a total liberation of the believer from the bondage of the Law. Nothing should be done out of the compulsion of the Old Covenant or out of a fear of the devourer but out of love for our Lord Jesus Christ.
A contributor does not understand the Lord Jesus saying He did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it(Matthew 5:17). The role of the Law is clear in Galatians 3:24: It was a school master or guardian to guide the Jews till the advent of justification by Faith. The life of faith bears the fruit of the Spirit. When the reality comes, the shadow or symbol is no longer required. Christ by His sacrifice on the cross fulfilled the Law and gave us room to live above it.
The bottom line is that we must embrace the New covenant with its uniqueness. We are not bound to the Law of Moses but unto Christ. In my next article, I will be focused on the subject of Grace Giving. Many people who preach against Tithing in the New Testament fail to teach people how they ought to give.

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