August 27, 2020

The late Reinhard Bonkke, a renowned evangelist saw a vision years ago. He was steering a big ship in shallow waters. Of course it was a struggle. He could not gain sufficient speed to navigate smoothly, but rather ran the risk of being grounded in muddy waters. As he pondered and prayed about the spiritual insight he had received, God explained to him; the ship was his ministry; he was the captain and the waters, a symbol of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. As the progress of the ship was dependent on the volume of the water level, so was his ministry dependent on the measure of the anointing of the Holy Spirit he was operating in.

I sense that many of us are in the same boat as individuals, churches and businesses. We often all need not just a fresh anointing but a higher measure of the power of God to advance in the purpose of God for our lives. Bonkke responded by raising an army of thousands of intercessors, committing one hour to prayer daily. The rest is history, as Bonkke’s crusades grew larger, reaching more nations of the world, winning more souls and recording more notable miracles. I believe it is time for us to possess our possessions, take all that belongs to us and enter into our rest. God takes over when we allow Him through prayer and His power is made available by the simple act of bending our knees (James 5: 16 (AMP).

The level and flow of God’s anointing in our lives is a direct product of how much time we spend in prayer and fellowship with God. Truly, it is those who wait upon the Lord that renew their strength. Consequently, we need to increase time spent with God to increase the level of anointing we operate in. We should identify a few indices to determine whether we need to raise the level of our fellowship with God to navigate the ship of our lives into deeper waters.

Have you lost the joy and pleasure of serving in your present role?

Have your pace of development slowed down lately?

Is there a vast difference between your dreams and your reality?

Is there a gross lack of resources to carry out your God given assignment?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to the above questions, you certainly need to reposition yourself spiritually for a more fulfilling life’s journey. Your kingdom success is supernatural in nature as a child of God. Your heavenly father works out His agenda as you watch and pray. God will take over your abilities and resources and surpass your plans, projections and pace. However you have a part to play:

1. Choose a specific hour for prayer daily.

2. Choose a specific place.

3. Support your prayers with a regular fasting.

4. Pray a lot in tongues.

5. Write down ideas inspired to you during prayer.

6. Act on what you receive.

7. Yield to the impressions, promptings, inward urges and directives you receive from the Holy Spirit.

The above suggestions if acted upon, will see you sailing in deep waters with the joy and refreshing truly attendant to a grace-filled life.

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