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    Enjoying Divine Direction


    The good news is that God is in us to lead us into enjoying the fullness of the blessing of redemption. Sons of God are led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14). I believe it is time for every one of us in Christ to acknowledge and enjoy God, who is committed to leading us in the way we should go.

    It’s my belief that in reading this book, you will discover and begin to enjoy the blessedness of divine direction in every area of your life.


    Enter Your Rest


    There is a haven of tranquility reserved for all persons who have Christ Jesus as The Anchor for their souls. It is a life of peace, joy and untold bliss. No one stumbles on rest. It is a deliberate journey, hand-in-hand with The Author of life into paths only the divine tread. Our guide is reliable and His wisdom is unfathomable. He is omniscient and holds the secret to ecstasy for mortals who are limited by the world of the material. There is a realm invisible to natural eyes and inaudible without the voice of The Holy Spirit. This book ushers you into the dimension where the finished work of Christ becomes your present reality. Congratulations in advance as you enter your rest!

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    Making Marriage Work


    Making Marriage Work aligns you with the basis of enjoying the rich bounties of marriage; re-arming your toolkits with the principles of selflessness, advance forgiveness, gratitude, honour, mutual fidelity, wisdom in dealing with in-laws and out-laws etc.

    If you seek marital fulfillment, this book is a good guide to making wise premarital choices. If you have experienced a defeat at any stage of your marriage, you can recover from failure and move on to marital bliss.

    Whatever phase your marriage is, through the simple scripture-aligned insights shared in this treasure chest, you can enjoy the fullness of the blessing God intends for your union. Marriage is honourable! Marriage is dignifying! Marriage is enjoyable! Your marriage will work!

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    Secrets of The Blessed


    As we look at life around us, we often notice that some people seem to lead golden lives, rich with blessing, while others struggle and move from one drama and apparent loss to another. Is being in the flow of blessing, and what looks like good luck, merely a random act of chance or are there immutable laws, attitudes and actions, that we can master and that consequently aligns us with such blessings?

    As you read the pages of this book, you will be challenged to live the life of the blessed that God has already made available for you and the eyes of your understanding will be opened; that you will begin to walk and take your place in the kingdom like God originally designed it to be.

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    Seeds of Destiny


    The aim of this book is to lead the reader to a discovery of the potentials (seeds) God has given him or her to fulfill destiny.  The approach is not intended to be scholarly but to communicate scriptural truths in an easy-to-understand manner to every searching heart.

  • servant-leadership

    Servant Leadership


    Most times when we think of leadership, what comes to our mind is the picture of someone leading the pack but the truth of the matter is there’s more to leadership than just being the one in front. we hear people complain about those in position of leadership and how leadership has been so abused especially in our part of the world. In this book, you will learn the true essence of leadership and how to become an effective leader through influence as defined by John Maxwell. At the end of the day, leadership is not all about the position you occupy but about those who you have influenced. As you read this book may you become inspired to be the leader that God has created you to be.

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    The Holy Spirit And Your


    The assignment of the author in putting this book, ‘The Holy Spirit and You’ together is simply to let the believer know that the Holy Spirit is a Person and that He is coequal with the Father and the Son in the trinity arrangement. He also gives us an understanding that the Holy Spirit is always ever willing to share with the believer intimate issues that are crucial to living a godly life.

    The book comes as an immediate rescue in an age where the Holy Spirit is being relegated to the background, where believers are treated to psychology and human wisdom and where emphasis is more on human intellect than on God’s direction.
    In this collection, the reader is served with a menu of insights on the person of the Holy Spirit, His activities and His place in the life of every believer. Reading through the book is both refreshing and revealing. It is not a book you will want to put down. It is quick to read and easy to digest. It is written in day to day language with a practical and helpful guide that will help shed more light on the truth of the Bible.