June 30, 2022
All over the world, electioneering seasons are always heated and challenging. The choice of the electorates will have their bearings on the living standards of the people and also their spiritual wellbeing. Some nations are led by antichrist governments who do not allow the preaching of the gospel of Christ at all or make policies that promote values in opposition to the faith we profess.
As a believer in a pluralistic society like ours in Nigeria which is particularly plagued by underdevelopment as a result of poor leadership, it is pertinent that we are well directed in the coming elections. Historically, tribalism, religious tendencies and other primordial factors like financial inducements and ‘stomach infrastructure’(meaning food items shaped our voting patterns. With dilapidating infrastructure, rising insecurity, galloping inflation and overwhelming debt, the nation stands at the precipice of economic destruction and political balkanization as a result of rising ethic nationalism and regional agitations. We cannot afford the next elections to be a matter of ‘business as usual’. It is time for a real change in our nation.
Everything rises and falls on leadership and where the people have a say, they must be guided. In Acts 6.3, the first requirement for leadership was GOOD REPUTATION. What is the candidate known for? Prudence or corruption, honesty or falsehood, competence or failure? Every popular aspirant’s reputation precedes them. This is national leadership and not church. It will be helpful if he were Spirit filled but if not, at least full of wisdom. Wisdom can only be proven by results. What is the TRACK RECORD of the aspirant? What has he achieved in business and lower levels of governance? A business empire, state government or department of government are microcosms of a nation. It takes more than spirituality to run a government effectively and that is why religious or spiritual bias should not be a major factor in the choice but the ability to run the economy effectively, manage men and material things. David led the nation of Israel according the integrity of his heart and the skilfulness of his hands(Psalm 78.72). David was skillful in battle, in securing the nation, building the economy of Israel and in the administration of justice.
We must learn to believe as a people that WE CAN. The political leadership of this nation has been controlled for several decades by a small clique of military and political leaders and that has programmed our psyche to feel helpless about the situation. Truth be told, the youths of Nigeria have the number to organize themselves into a powerful force for good. So also can the Christian community unite to be a force for change. However, it is pertinent that the church is not seen as so parochial as to always want to vote for one of her own. This development can be counterproductive because of its tendency to divisiveness in our national life. Moreover, the last time religion was captured in the national census, the country had a larger Muslim population. The church must not be seen to be promoting the values she is discouraging. Anyone with an ethnic or jihadist Agenda, however, does not deserve the vote of the Christian church. Vote for detribalized and all-embracing leadership.

As we look forward to the coming year, registering to vote is the beginning of it all. We must all give ourselves the privilege to determine who leads us by voting. Voting for candidates thrown up by the various parties is not enough, we need believers to join political parties and become options to be voted for. In a clime where the dishonest and the corrupt dot the landscape, the righteous must involve themselves and offer their candidature as options for the electorate. While it is easier to flow with the tide of gaffe and avarice, believers in the circles of power must make a difference as Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. They must rise above the common rule to serve the nation with integrity and selfless sacrifice. It is time to vote leadership with a difference and time to get involved and become God’s answers to our own prayers.

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