June 16, 2022
“So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority.”
‭‭Colossians‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭NLT‬‬
Life truly began for me the day I gave my life to Christ. Made in the image and likeness of God, true humanity can only be found in the perfection of God’s original creation in the beginning or in the light of the new creation in Christ Jesus. We therefore cannot look to worldly examples for a true definition of a Man because they will always fall short. Fallen man can never attain his potentials in God. Looking back at my life after 35 years of walking closely with the Lord, I rejoice at how His likeness is reflected in my life and how my relationship with Him has affected every area of my life and shaped it into a fulfilling outcome. There is no way life would have been this satisfying if I had continued without the Lord Jesus taking the drivers seat of life.
God created the human body with several systems working and coordinating together to ensure man’s health and wholesomeness. Whenever any of them is not functioning well, it is described as a disease. It is God’s method to do all things to perfection without any deficiencies. This is not only reflected in the perfection of man’s anatomy but also in the excellency of God’s creation from the beginning (Genesis 1.31). Everything He made was very good, another description for excellent. God’s man Adam was created in perfect union and fellowship with God, with His wife, the animal kingdom and nature. On every level, there was harmony and there was a balance that reflected the excellency of our God. The total man today is a man whose life reflects a balance of union towards God, family, friends and the labor of his hands.
Waking up for the very first time after he was made and imparted with the breadth of life directly by his Heavenly Father, Adam the son of God awoke to God and self consciousness at the same time(Genesis 2.6-7). He met God and Himself at the same moment in what God intended to be a life of continuous fellowship and partnership. This was to set a pattern for him of prioritizing fellowship with God, taking orders from Him and deriving life and strength from Him always. The total man makes God his foundation. As a leader at home and at work, he ensures the weight of life’s responsibilities to not rest upon His shoulders but rather casts his cares upon the Lord(1 Peter 5.7). As Father over his family, a man is the Foundation for the home. A good foundation carry’s the entire load of the building but throws that weight upon the soil. In daily prayer and communion with God, we learn to thrown the weight of our families, running our ministries and businesses, pursuing our careers and societal responsibilities upon the Lord. He renews and refreshes us, He guides and instructs, He equips and anoints us while we excel and testify the goodness of His Grace.
Out of fellowship with God in His Word, the total man builds his family and future on the rock that cannot be shaken(Matthew 7.24). He esteems the Word of God above tradition, norms, worldly concepts and ideas and allows the principles of God’s Word to guide how he leads his wife, children, relationship with friends, his morality and how he conducts the affairs of this life. For Him, God’s wisdom is supreme and it is revealed in His Word. Be daily studies the Word and applies it to his life. He does not argue against the Word, rather he believes, obeys and acts upon the Word and therefore lives a fruitful, productive and successful life(Psalm 1.1-3). The Total Man is a man of Faith who walks in the plan and purpose of God for his life. He knows the Word of God is capable of working wonders for him and his household and therefore leads his family into their inheritance in God by faith in the Word.
As soon as God was done creating his man Adam, He gave him work to do(Genesis2.15). At the heart of a fulfilling life is finding your God given garden and tending it diligently. It must be noted that Adam met God and his life’s work before he met eve his wife. The total man is dedicated to his God given duties in church(the body of Christ) and in the world. Through work, he deploys his potentials, serves humanity with his gifts and get’s rewarded financially so he can fulfill his responsibilities to his immediate and extended family. At the very heart of our faith is the responsibility of men to provide for their loved ones. Failing to do so according to scripture is tantamount to denying the faith and makes such a man worse than an infidel who has no relationship with God at all(1 Timothy 5.😎

The total man cancels out all excuses not to provide. He stoops to temporarily work in a lower cader while in pursuit of better opportunities if he has to, but never one to fold his arms and do nothing. There is always a way to go if we look for it, there is always a way if we are committed to finding it. God is too wise not to have a way out for you. His Word will break whatever mental limitations are numbing a man’s creativity. Begging and borrowing cannot be His will.
A total man thinks legacy. No one has the business of bringing children into the world except to bring them up to know the Lord and find the purpose of God for their lives. God is a God of generations(Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). His plan transcends every man to his generations. He opened up his plan to Abraham because he knew Abraham will command his children to walk in the way of the Lord(Genesis 18.18-19). Can God trust us to pass on the torch of faith to the next generation? Many men esteem education, real estate and businesses above the legacy of faith in God. All other inheritances lose their meaning and relevance where there is no legacy of faith. By godly example, staying married to their mother and together with her bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, the total man is able to bring his children into the light so much they walk in it and pass it on to their own children. All other things follow and make his legacy glorious.
To be a total man in the natural appears weighty but the Lord Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden light. All we need to do is drop the yokes of tradition, norms and worldly principles and take on relationship with the Lord Jesus and be committed to learning from Him. His Word will lead us to all round supernatural success(Matthew 11.28-30)
Victor Adeyemi
Written in celebration of Father’s Day 2022

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