July 23, 2020

The discovery that we are all born into this world with strengths and weaknesses begins from childhood. While I was on top of my language and numerical courses, I never could wrap my mind around my inability to simply illustrate an object graphically. I saw classmates do it with ease and I saw siblings do it well. I concentrated, practiced and observed how others did it, all to no avail. I then realized, I was not gifted to draw like I was to communicate and to easily make friends.

Our strengths are our advantages, giftedness and natural edge in relativity to others. Romans 12.6 describes us as having different gifts according to the Grace of God.

God in His omnipotence has imparted one or another aspect of His immeasurable and unquantifiable abilities into each and every one of us. In so doing, He intends for a healthy interdependence among us. Each of us therefore ought to find and develop our strengths for the benefit of all while harnessing the strengths of others to make up for our weaknesses as we seek to achieve common goals. Truly, ‘no man is an Island’ as often said.

Surprising has also been my discovery that some people succeed with their strengths but others don’t. My curiosity has led to the discovery that undeveloped strengths are of no value like weaknesses. Also that it is better to focus on developing strengths than trying to overcome weaknesses. However, ignoring weaknesses can make them destroy the gains of our strengths. They are to be managed so they can do no damage. Focusing on them distracts from leveraging on our strengths for maximum impact, yet, ignoring them will undermine the impact of our strengths. I have therefore reached the following deductions:

  1. Our strengths are God-given.
  2. Our strengths are freely given to us by God and not products of our abilities.
  3. Strengths ought to be recognized and developed.
  4. Focus on strengths will deliver success to us.
  5. Focus on weaknesses will lead to failure.

Weaknesses can be managed through proper staffing, teamwork and partnerships. Technology can also serve as a tool for weaknesses in organizational ability. With leveraged strengths and well-managed weakness, you are on your way to a fulfilling journey.

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