The Holy Spirit And Your

The assignment of the author in putting this book, ‘The Holy Spirit and You’ together is simply to let the believer know that the Holy Spirit is a Person and that He is coequal with the Father and the Son in the trinity arrangement. He also gives us an understanding that the Holy Spirit is always ever willing to share with the believer intimate issues that are crucial to living a godly life.

The book comes as an immediate rescue in an age where the Holy Spirit is being relegated to the background, where believers are treated to psychology and human wisdom and where emphasis is more on human intellect than on God’s direction.
In this collection, the reader is served with a menu of insights on the person of the Holy Spirit, His activities and His place in the life of every believer. Reading through the book is both refreshing and revealing. It is not a book you will want to put down. It is quick to read and easy to digest. It is written in day to day language with a practical and helpful guide that will help shed more light on the truth of the Bible.


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The Holy Spirit And Your

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