Merry Christmas


‘Of all festivals in the world, Christmas stands out in a class all by itself’ sang Ebenezer Obey in our native Yoruba language of Nigeria several decades ago. The birth of Jesus Christ which Christmas is about is however not the only birth celebrated globally. Many other sages, religious leaders and gods are also celebrated with pump and pageantry every year. Even though it has no special meaning or relevance to some, Christmas still stands out as the most celebrated around the world.

True Christians celebrate it and many others seize on the financial gains that doing business at Christmas offers. A brand consultant posited some time ago that if every church property and all assets directly or remotely connected to Christ’s name were valued, His name by far is the most valued in the world. What an interesting way to view the fulfillment of Philippians 2:9. In every way names are valued, God’s Word rings true about the name of Jesus.

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
    and gave him the name that is above every name
Philippians 2:9, NIV

I recollect witchcraft attacks that I often suffered in my sleeps as an adolescent. My religious mind knew the name of Jesus was powerful. I often would muster all the energy I could to mutter the name. Once it escaped my lips, deliverance usually came to me. With a clearer understanding of the Name of Jesus today, what I struggled to overcome, I now prevent by the Name of Jesus. I have also been blessed for almost 30 years now to see the sick healed through laying on of hands in His name.

Let your faith be strengthened this season in the fact that you are privileged to have made the right choice to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life.

Thanks you for being my friend and partner in the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Have a merry Christmas.